I've found out about you for such a long time El Nido… I didn't realize I would get lost for seven days with you and I'm so happy I did. You are lovely, El Nido, simply excellent. Much thanks to you for demonstrating to me that heaven exists.

Truly, I know, it's the average spot to go to for voyagers in the Philippines. White sand shorelines, flawless turquoise waters, limestone mountains, and mind boggling marine life. Everybody needs to be here! Counting me (once more).

Without a doubt, some long haul explorers, me among them, once in a while like to evade the vacationer problem areas, however truly, even I need to concede, a few spots are touristy which is as it should be.

El Nido is one of those spots, potentially in light of the fact that there are simply such a significant number of activities in El Nido and on the grounds that it really is that wonderful.

The real shoreline in El Nido is nothing to get amped up for. It's brimming with vessels and a far not exactly breathtaking shore. In any case, the town is cool and out of control and the islands you can jump to as a feature of your El Nido schedule are past wonderful.

This piece of the Philippines is touted as a heaven for a valid justification…



You can zipline, you can party under the full moon, and you can simply bum it at the shoreline.

Indeed. Corong is an amazing decision for a shoreline to chill at that is only a snappy ride over from the town of El Nido.

In case you're feeling audacious, you can really zipline from Las Cabanas Resort. The line goes from the coast to an adjacent island (likewise available by means of a pathway), and back once more. From that point forward, you'll truly feel like you earned your entitlement to shoreline bum it.

Reward: on the off chance that you happen to visit during a full moon, you can get the full moon party on the shoreline. Insight worth heeding and gathering resigned: it can get entirely wild. I could conceivably have quite destroyed with my new companions here one night…

And after that in my hungover state, loll under the sun.


Kayaking can be an inconceivably physically burdening action however you won't see (until the following morning) on the grounds that your mind will be excessively centered around the excellence that encompasses you.

For those of you up for an extraordinary exercise, kayaks and glass base pontoons are accessible for rental, and you can go it all alone or with your companions.

Kayaking is one of the most critical activities in El Nido—paddling around the adjacent islands in your very own private kayak on sparkling turquoise waters. Simply focus on the climate and the tides. Wellbeing first!


Swim with the fishes! Take a vessel out to Helicopter Island (this is discrete from the El Nido island bouncing visit that will take you out there), and plunge down 12 meters to swim through a forty-meter long submerged passage.

Gaze upward as you swim through to see little openings in the passage that leap forward land. Wave to the ocean life, and tally this is the "what to do in El Nido" thing to scratch off your rundown. On the off chance that I was plunging, at that point, I would have LOVED.


Searching for astonishing landscape and 360-degree sees? Head to Nacpan.

You can employ a driver or lease a motorbike and ride out yourself. It's just an hour away ashore and the vistas are amazing. The shoreline is additionally nothing to glare at.

You have four miles of long, smooth, sparkling shoreline to sprinkle in, so bring a cover and your camera gear and make multi day of it. There are just a couple of little bistros sprinkling along the coast to invigorate and chomp at making this an overly serene shoreline to unwind on.


In case you're an outdoorsy wellness crazed sort of explorer, take this two hour up and back climb.

You ascend around 750 feet above ocean level on a too steep scale the side of a mountain climb that enables you to watch out over the encompassing islands of Bacuit Bay with a 10,000 foot see.

The photographs you take alone will make this trek worth the while. You'll likewise get big-time boasting rights for accomplishing something so brave.

This might be the prettiest exercise of your lifetime, and effectively one of the most strenuous activities in El Nido, with an incredible reward at the top.


You didn't think I'd leave you without cascades to investigate did you? Obviously not!

Prevent on your way from El Nido appropriate to visit Nacpan (this is the reason it's great to simply hop on a motorbike; you can stop when you need to), and climb from the street for about a half hour to achieve these falls, a major one and a little one.

You can obviously simply appreciate the generally simple climb (wear flip-flops; you'll get wet climbing crosswise over wet territories), or you can swim in the pool at the base of one of the falls. The complete climb should take you a few hours in the event that you take as much time as is needed.


At long last! You needed to know this was coming. In the event that you've heard or perused anything about El Nido, you've caught wind of island jumping.

It's really four unique visits you can take that pursue the letter set, A, B, C, and D, all of which will take you to isolate islands to experience separate undertakings.

They all incorporate some adaptation of rush, a touch of shoreline mooching, a bit of swimming or ocean life viewing, and obviously eminent perspectives. Truth be told, on the off chance that you need to find out about the visits, you can look at my whole love letter to island jumping on El Nido.


There are such a large number of activities in El Nido yet only a couple of islands over, there's the sister territory of Coron. While in El Nido, you'll see TONS of visits and information discussing Coron. In case you're hoping to broaden your El Nido agenda without going excessively far, THIS is the spot to go.

Furthermore, what better approach to invest your energy than island jumping? The one thing you can't become ill of in the territory is island jumping… It's THE activity and is absolutely STUNNING. I haven't been to Coron yet it's been on my radar since I visited El Nido and I completely expect on visiting once more.

I found an epic visit that I'm passing on to do, Big Dream Boatman (BDBM) welcomed me on their four-day three-night pontoon visit around Coron and El Nido and I'm genuine longing for returning ASAP. When I'm back in the zone, I won't falter to go along with them.

Their pontoons take you around to more than ten islands in the region, maintaining a strategic distance from the too touristy ones and setting up camp on insane delightful remote islands for the evening. You'll be going through your days relaxing in loungers, getting a tan, swimming, tasting on coconuts, investigating caverns and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

I'm marginally desirous that you're arranging your trek to The Philippines at this moment but on the other hand I'm so upbeat for you to encounter this heaven! Since I'm not returning yet, BDBM was caring enough to at present give my perusers a select rebate. How astonishing, isn't that so? Tell me how your excursion was by remarking underneath!


To what extent you make your El Nido schedule is truly up to you.

You'll need to fly into Puerto Princesa first. From that point, you can take a van, a transport, or a rental vehicle at different value levels and trek lengths. Yet, DON'T skirt Puerto Princesa!

The most brief measure of time it will take is clearly in a rental vehicle, and that is around 5 hours. So you likely won't prepare into El Nido to bounce vigorously. Possibly plan to hit the full moon party in Las Cabanas that night in case you're here at the time?

In the event that you plan for a short, 3-day least, trip, some portion of your El Nido schedule must incorporate in any event one island bouncing visit.

I took An and C and them two were SPECTACULAR.

Unmistakably, I'm suggesting two visits, however once more, in any event take one.

Likewise ensure you hit Nacpan shoreline. The perspectives from Nacpan shoreline alone merit the whole outing to El Nido, also the experience filled (in the event that you stop for the cascade climb) ride out and back.

For a more drawn out, multi day El Nido agenda, you can include another shoreline bum day or just multi day sticking around El Nido itself. At that point ensure you book another island bouncing visit.

I can't energize two visits enough! Truly, I can't support the lengthier remain enough. There are such huge numbers of activities in El Nido that to come this path for just a couple of days craves deceiving yourself. I lost all sense of direction in El Nido for an entire week and I needed to pry myself away…

Remember, in the event that you have considerably additional time, you can go island jumping around Coron!


IBR "Inexpensive food" – The spot for entirely shabby nearby passage that is FRESH. Watchword: Fresh. I've said it previously. I'll state it once more. The sustenance alternatives for vegans are overly constrained in this nation, and the effectively arranged nourishment sure isn't veggie inviting. IBC was not just great, it has a couple of veggie choices (veg curry, fricasseed rice, omelet on rice… ), and its open 24 hours (I ate here at 3:30 am once. Sustenance was still new.)

V and V – A bagel joint… OMG… bagels. By this point, I had been in Asia excessively long without great bread… This was an energizing spot. They likewise had a truly sweet veggie burger.

Blue Azul – Another yummy spot. Here you'll get absolute not too bad falafel and hummus.

Trattoria Altrov'e – Amazing wood-terminated stove pizza. The ideal spot for you in case you're from the states and you're missing home.

Joy Beach Bar – Super new, produced using scratch, hummus and falafels, breakfast, lunch, and supper, and you get the chance to swing while you sit at the bar! What more would you be able to request? Goodness yea! Party time 2 for 1 daiquiris or margaritas. Put this on your activities in El Nido list.People on a vessel El Nido


Settlement IN EL NIDO


I cherished it here. I truly did. It was very reasonable. Like genuine bargain basement, 500 pesos ($10 USD) a night. Furthermore, it was very little, as in my companion and I were stumbling over packs to get to storage spaces that were hindered by more sacks.

Yet! The social scene was amazing, the staff was unbelievably pleasing, and a "breakfast" was incorporated. OK, so breakfast was fundamentally a banana and a few oats and milk, however hello! Poor people can't be choosers.


This is probably the best spot to remain in El Nido. The rooms are roomy, the staff is exceptionally decent, however what takes the cake is the view which is astonishing. In any case, the move to this spot can be risky for the individuals who might be flabby.


For an extra $20 USD you can remain on the shoreline in a retreat that is completely furnished with all that you need. You get your own room, washroom, web, and even a sea see. At the cost, this spot is justified, despite all the trouble.


Need a decent shoreline simply outside your entryway? Assuming this is the case, remain outside of the principle town of El Nido and attempt the Last Frontier Beach Resort situated on Corong for somewhat of a sprinkle out.



Recollect that I revealed to you how astounding and totally should see Nacpan is? All things considered, you can go hard and fast and remain in one of their extravagance outdoors cabanas. The sheer excellence of this spot is awesome, and worth the additional dollars on the off chance that you have them.

For $50 per night, you get a delicate bed, a great measured "room," an incredible breakfast, and even the utilization of a motorbike all included.


This inn is most likely the best an incentive for cash in the lower value range spot to remain in El Nido. For two or three bucks every night you get settled beds, clean toilets, the friendliest staff and a complimentary coconut oil hair treatment (with enchantment hands)!

El Nido is by a wide margin still probably the best spot to visit in the Philippines, which part would you say you are most amped up for? Tell us in the remarks!

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